Editor-in-Chief:  Katie Sions

Associate Editor:  M.J. Sions

About Rumble Fish Quarterly

Rumble Fish Quarterly is a Richmond, Virginia-based publication founded in February 2017. We started this thing for a multitude of reasons, some of which are romantic and made up to impress you, others of which are slightly more honest. Here’s a few:

  1. We wanted writing that would entrance us, whisper in our ear at midnight, and seemingly infuse itself in our coffees and vodka tonics alike. It is nothing short of a rendering of artistic conscience of the highest order.
  2. We felt like it.

Here’s the thing. The real thing (not the Henry James version, although it’s a good read). You’re a writer. We like writers. Writers like being read, and we like to read. Ergo (ergo!), if you send us writing, we’re going to see eye-to-eye pretty easily. Send us your coolest, deepest, most fun, most emotionally power-packed prose, poetry, or hybrid genre-bending triumph of autotheory. We’ll read it.

Contact us at rumblefisheditors@gmail.com. If you’d prefer that we contact you instead, sign up for our mailing list!